Hospitalsconsultants, hospital stays in France short-term hospital stays in the best French healthcare establishments is a website providing a range of information and services, via which you may contact a healthcare professional or book a stay at a French hospital.

The goal of Hospitalsconsultants is to help British patients access the best healthcare at the best price in the shortest possible time period.

FAST TRACK SURGERY, a British company headquartered in London, operates the website

Consultant Pathologist Dr. Jean-Pascal DEL BANO (MD) is the CEO of FAST TRACK SURGERY Ltd and the founder of

Doctor Jean-Pascal Del Bano has extensive experience working in several healthcare specializations

Doctor Jean-Pascal DEL BANO can boast an unusual career path as a medical professional and extensive experience in a number of different, yet complementary medical fields. He has worked as a consultant pathologist (1994-1997), chief medical informatics officer (1998-2002) and director of a private hospital (2003-2007). This has enabled him to develop an in-depth knowledge of the healthcare field.
From 2008 to the present day, Doctor Jean-Pascal DEL BANO has been involved in developing and overseeing websites devoted to healthcare. He has also been in charge of assessing hospitals for the purposes of establishing hospital rankings in the national healthcare league tables published by a wide variety of French magazines and websites (FIGARO MAGAZINE, L’EXPRESS, SANTE MAGAZINE, DOCTISSIMO…).

After 7 years of experience in selecting the best hospitals and clinics in France for a number of different partners in the media, Doctor DEL BANO decided to start up

A range of healthcare establishments employing cutting-edge procedures and technologies

Thanks to his training and experience in the medical field, Doctor DEL BANO is able to filter out prospective health establishments which do not meet the requirements of the healthcare authorities as far as quality of care and patient safety are concerned.
He selects healthcare establishments and surgical teams which will offer patients the opportunity to benefit from the very latest medical procedures and/or technologies and save money and cut waiting times.

The range of services available on is set to expand even further by the end of 2016, with the addition of 17 new healthcare partners to the 13 partners currently listed on the site. Patients will be able to choose from amongst more than 500 specialists working at any of our 30 healthcare partner establishments.

The chief benefits of Hospitalsconsultants:

– the website is completely independent: there are no commercial links between the website and the healthcare partners featuring on this site. This ensures that the information provided about the quality of the listed establishments and medical teams is unbiased and reliable.
– great value: no commission payable on the cost of your hospital stay. There is just a set fee of £36 incl. VAT per contact. The cost of your stay is paid directly to the healthcare establishment
– fixed price surgery package*
Accommodation in your own room (includes all meals)
Nursing care
Cost of using medical facilities (operating theatres etc)
Surgeons’ and anaesthetists’ fees
Cost of medications
Cost of dressings
Costs arising from any complications
– complete patient confidentiality guaranteed: no medical records are exchanged, your medical history will under no circumstances be accessed by us…

*not included:
Preoperative tests
UK-based specialists’ fees
Postoperative medications
Extra costs engendered by hospital accommodation (room, meals, telephone use, television packages)