3° CAPIO Clinique DOMONT, 95330 Domont (France)

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7 rue André Nouet 95330 DOMONT

CAPIO Clinique DOMONT, 95330 Domont (France)

CAPIO Clinique Domont clinic in the Ile de France region: a centre of excellence in the field of orthopaedic surgery

The Clinique Domont clinic: a renowned healthcare establishment in the Val d’Oise area

Located in the Val d’Oise area in a park to the north of Paris, the Domont clinic is a healthcare establishment that’s focused on three key areas:
• Orthopaedic surgery,
• Eye surgery
• Gastrointestinal endoscopy.
The clinic has steadily been building up a good reputation over the past few years amongst its many patients, who come here from all over the Île de France region. It owes this renown to both the skills of its medical personnel and the way in which it has developed a range of minimally-invasive surgical procedures. To this, we can add the implementation of enhanced recovery after surgery protocols. This same attention to detail is reflected in the clinic’s diagnostic expertise, its very advanced operating theatres and procedures and its excellent post-operative care, which facilitates a swift return to independent living.

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Surgical procedures performed in the clinic

Orthopaedic surgery

Hand and upper limb surgery

Eye surgery

ENT surgery

Cosmetic and reconstructive surgery

Abdominal/general surgery

Oral surgery

A medical team specialized in total hip and knee replacement surgery

Over a number of years, a team of orthopaedic surgeons specialized in total hip and knee replacements has become established in the Domont clinic.

Docteur DUFFIET Pascal - Knee replacement

Docteur LE FOLL Dominique - Knee replacement

Docteur MEZIANE Moulay - Hip replacement

Docteur VANDEBROUCK Amaury - Knee replacement

3 surgeons are specialized in total hand surgery:

Docteur ALEXIEVA Constanza

Docteur WELBY France

Docteur ZEINE Georges

Contact details, map and directions

  • Address: 7 rue André Nouet 95330 DOMONT
  • Phone: 0 826 96 12 12
7 rue André Nouet 95330 DOMONT