11° Hôpital de la TIMONE Adults hospital, 13005 Marseille (France)

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264 Rue Saint-Pierre, 13385 Marseille

Hôpital de la TIMONE Adults hospital, 13005 Marseille (France)

The La Timone teaching hospital for adult patients in Marseille, a first-class teaching hospital

Hôpital de la Timone hospital: the third largest hospital in Europe

The la Timone teaching hospital, founded in 1974, is the third largest hospital in Europe. It is very well-provided for in terms of both skilled staff and the very latest medical technology.

The la Timone hospital in Marseille comprises:

  • a hospital for adults
  • a theatre and clinical support block
  • a children’s hospital

It’s also a teaching hospital with its own research centre.

The Teaching Hospital has 1023 doctors, 1069 beds (including beds used for outpatient care) (639 allocated to medical specializations, 430 in the surgical unit) and 30 operating theatres.


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The nuclear medicine unit: bone, cardiac and brain scans and scans for cancer

The nuclear medicine department at the la Timone hospital offers a full range of functional imaging/scanning facilities. It covers all scintigraphic techniques (gamma camera and PET) and has its own in-patient unit.

It is mainly focused on bone, cardiac and brain scans, as well as scans for cancer diagnosis purposes.

The nuclear medicine team

PET scans (positron emission tomography) are a medical imaging technique offering a way of detecting tumours, assessing how much they have spread and evaluating their response to treatment.

The nuclear medicine department is staffed by the following doctors:


Professeur Olivier MUNDLER

Full professor – Consultant – Medical Director


Professeur Éric GUEDJ

Full professor – Consultant


Docteur Serge CAMMILLERI

Senior Lecturer - Consultant


Docteur David TAIEB

Senior Lecturer - Consultant


Docteur Claude SOMMA – DELPERO



Docteur Laetitia TESSONNIER



Docteur Cécile COLAVOLPE

Sessional consultant


Docteur Chantal RINALDI

Locum consultant (nuclear medicine)


Docteur Elizabeth ZOTIAN

Locum consultant (endocrinology)


Docteur Pierre-Etienne MARTIN

Locum consultant (cardiology)


Docteur Jean-Jacques ROUGIER

Locum consultant (cardiology)


Docteur Bernard FRANCK

Locum consultant (rheumatology)


Docteur Dominique CROS

Locum consultant (rheumatology)

Contact details, map and directions

  • Address: 264 Rue Saint-Pierre, 13385 Marseille
264 Rue Saint-Pierre, 13385 Marseille