12° Hôpital Nord, 13015 Marseille (France)

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Chemin des Bourrely, 13015 Marseille

Hôpital Nord, 13015 Marseille (France)

The Hôpital NORD hospital in Marseille: a centre of excellence for the treatment of cardiovascular illnesses, neurological disorders and cancer

Top-class teaching hospital based in Marseille

The hôpital NORD hospital is a teaching hospital that covers virtually the entire spectrum of medical and surgical specializations. It boasts:
– 884 beds (including beds used for outpatient care)
– A surgical unit comprising 21 operating theatres in a central block and 11 rooms devoted to maternity care and pediatrics
The hospital offers a wide range of healthcare services and surgical procedures. It is especially well-known for cancer treatments.

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Medical procedures performed by the hospital

  • A wide range of functional imaging/scanning facilities covering all scintigraphic techniques (gamma camera and PET)
  • A unit specializing in bone, cardiac, brain and cancer scans.
  • On-site in-patient unit

A medical team composed of nuclear medicine specialists

The Hôpital NORD hospital is home to a team of doctors and consultants tasked with treating patients affected by a range of cardiovascular illnesses, neurological disorders and cancers.
Its main weapon in this fight is a technique known as the PET Scan (Positron emission tomography). This nuclear medicine imaging technique facilitates the detection of tumours and the evaluation of both the extent of their spread and their response to treatment.

The following doctors head up the nuclear medicine team:

Professeur Olivier MUNDLER

Full professor – Senior Consultant, Medical Director

Professeur Gérard FAUGERE

Full professor – Consultant, cardiologist

Docteur Isabelle IMBERT – JOSCHT


Docteur Olivia LAAS

Lecturer and practitioner/consultant

Contact details, map and directions

  • Address: Chemin des Bourrely, 13015 Marseille
Chemin des Bourrely, 13015 Marseille