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Ipswich Hospital, Suffolk

The Ipswich Hospital NHS Trust: various procedures and a real spirit of solidarity

A strong commitment to quality patient healthcare and comfort at the Suffolk Hospital

With about 8,000 people congregating each day on a 46 acre site, the Ipswich hospital is not unlike a small town. Carers, nurses and surgeons benefit from the help of more than 400 local volunteers who generously give their time for staff and patients. The hospital also boasts its own radio station, Hospital Radio Ipswich, run by some of the volunteers, along with a band, The Ipswich Hospital Band, the majority of whose members are staff. This band has successfully raised many thousands of pounds towards health-related causes and charities.
At Ipswich, all patients can look forward to being looked after in an environment characterized by a strong set of principles, rooted in basic human compassion – staff who are cheerful, friendly, kind and understanding, able to reassure those in their care and make them feel safe. What’s more, our skilled teams are constantly striving to improve their performance.


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Quality service and a friendly atmosphere at Ipswich NHS Trust

Ipswich hospital aims to deliver great healthcare that’s carefully tailored to people’s needs. The hospital provides a large range of services, from emergency services to gynaecology.
Opened in 2008, the Emergency department is revolutionizing the way emergency care is delivered to people and is becoming the premier general hospital emergency unit in the area.
The emergency department covers resuscitation, major trauma management, acute medical and surgical assessment, minor illness and injury management and paediatric illness and injury assessment, to name just a few. Ipswich hospital is an accredited Regional Trauma unit.
The maternity department prioritizes safe care. Its skilled teams are able to help women make informed decisions about different types of care.
The Ipswich Hospital has numerous facilities to improve the patient experience: TV access, bereavement support, cafés, pharmacy, shop, disabled parking, public telephone…

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