4° CAPIO Clinique Claude BERNARD, 95120 Ermont (France)

9 Avenue Louis Armand 95124 ERMONT CEDEX
29 reviews
  • An extremely comfortable hospital where patient well-being and safety are unrivalled
  • This major hospital is perfectly-equipped to accommodate large numbers of patients in comfortable conditions thanks to its spacious (22,000 m²) facilities extending from the basement level to the fourth floor
  • Specialist healthcare services backed up by cutting-edge medical technology
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6° CAPIO Clinique FONTVERT, 84700 Sorgues (France)

235 Avenue Louis Pasteur 84700 SORGUES
4 reviews
  • A highly-regarded clinic in the PACA region of southeast France
  • Care that’s tailored to you, supported by the most sophisticated healthcare equipment and facilities available
  • A medical team specialized in surgery and treating carpal tunnel syndrome
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7° CAPIO Clinique BELHARRA (64100 Bayonne, France)

2 allée du Docteur Lafon – 64100 BAYONNE
65 reviews
  • Originated from the merger of 3 Capio clinics: Paulmy, Saint Etienne and Lafourcade
  • Infrastructure unique et moderne, extremely comfortable accommodation
  • Surgical ward featuring 4 separate units: Obstetrics, 2 dedicated surgical units, Endoscopic procedures
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8° CAPIO PolyClinique Aguiléra, 64200 Biarritz (France)

21 Rue de l’Estagnas, 64200 Biarritz
5 reviews
  • A superb facility and a centre of excellence in the heart of the Basque Country
  • Healthcare services tailored to you: 183 beds spread across surgical units and various medical specializations
  • Institut Sud Aquitain de la Main et du Membre Supérieur: a specialist unit dedicated to surgery and rehabilitation/re-education of the hand and upper limb.
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